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Intelligent digital servo drive

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article image Parker Hannifin’s ViX digital servo drive.

PARKER Hannifin's electromechanical division has announced the launch of the ViX range of digital servo drives, now available from Motion Solutions .

A completely new design, ViX represents a combination of innovation and performance in the 250-500VA power range, using field-oriented digital control technology to give enhanced dynamic performance with improved efficiency.

Housed within an extremely compact case, ViX is suitable either for direct panel mounting or for attachment to a standard DIN rail using an optional adaptor.

The ViX drive is produced in two versions having continuous current ratings of 2.5A and 5A at motor bus voltages up to 80V. A peak current capability of three times the continuous rating provides an outstanding acceleration performance.

The power stage features full PWM control with sinusoidal commutation, and offers the choice of either resolver or encoder feedback (user selectable). To assist with initial commissioning, the drive can correct most motor and feedback wiring errors automatically.

A powerful front-end software package is supplied with the drive and permits straightforward, rapid configuration and tuning. When used with Parker servo motors, only the motor type number is required for full configuration.

Simply entering the minimum and maximum load inertia guarantees stable performance right from power-up. To allow the system to be optimised for the application, a tuning routine within the front-end software shows the system response on an oscilloscope display.

ViX intelligent drives incorporate a powerful controller using Parker's well-proven EASI command language. As well as carrying out all basic motion control functions, the controller performs more advanced operations such as external encoder following and registration moves.

All necessary configuration is performed by software. In addition to an RS232C interface which is included in the standard drive, an optional factory-installed fieldbus module allows for both CANopen and RS485 communication.

An alternative base version of the drive can be controlled by step-direction signals in addition to an analogue velocity or torque demand.

ViX forms part of a new, fully-integrated system of motion control components which will include digital servo and stepper drives, power supplies, operator panels and I/O expansion units.

These components complement Parker's range of mechanical positioning systems which includes precision tables, electric cylinders and linear actuators.

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