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Infinitely programmable electric cylinders

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article image ET Series electric cylinder -- complete and ready to mount.

THE ET Series of electric cylinders, available from Motion Solutions , combines design and features that make it easy to integrate into both new and existing applications.

Produced to hard metric ISO standards, the ET Series can mount into existing fluidpower cylinder applications, adding infinite programmability to the durability and long life expected of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Its modular design allows for nine different actuator mounting styles in addition to available custom mounting.

The ET Series' range of four profile sizes present the user with the flexibility to suit the actuator to the application.

The ET Series is best suited to applications requiring non-intrusive positioning, pure thrust and "pick and place" vertical positioning.

Combined with a Parker Hannifin motor and control system, the ET Series arrives at the customer's dock complete and ready to mount.

Standard features include:

· Four frame sizes - 32mm, 50mm, 80mm, or 100mm size.

· Cylinder mounting dimensions to ISO 6431.

· Nine ISO mounting styles available.

· Five rod ends.

· Optional linear guide module for high side load applications.

· Standard stroke lengths from 50mm (2 in) to 1500mm (60 in).

· Speeds to 1270mm/sec (50in/sec).

· Thrust forces to 6,400N (1440lb).

· Ball or Acme screw design.

· Parallel or inline motor mounting.

· Rugged industrial packaging.

Additional performance specifications: temperature range 0-60°C (32-140°F); repeatability to ±0.013mm (±0.0005 in); rod rotation fixed by internal roller carriage.

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