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Helical Products Company offers spring applications services

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Helical Products Company represented by Motion Solutions Australia Pty Ltd designs and solves many spring applications worldwide. In the Medical field one of their clients requested the design of a foot pedal for hands-free control of surgical tools, the customer needed to provide a pivot and a restraint torsional spring. The spring rates were unknown, only that it had to provide a control with that "perfect feel." The pivot, restraint, and rotary motion were to be all in one nice neat package. 

The solution was to provide a Helical Precision "Machined" Spring used as a torsion spring. The rate required is not precise, however, the ability of the machined spring to give both constraint and pivot functions were unique to the spring approach. The integration of attachment features and ability to influence associated spring rates (in this case, the high lateral stiffness) allows this application to have the beneficial aspects of Value Engineering (one part, multiple functions). The number of pieces in the assembly was reduced, therefore, assembly time was also reduced.

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