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Gearmotors brought to you by Motion Solutions Australia

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Parker Bayside's Stealth gearmotors are the first gearmotors to have a brushless servo motor and a helical planetary gearhead integrated into the one product.

Parker Bayside already manufactured precision gearheads and brushless motors in the one facility, so it made sense for them to combine the two technologies and design and supply the Stealth precision range of integrated gearmotors. Before this, engineers needing a gear drive with a servo motor had no option but to buy these two parts separately.

Stealth gearmotors are available from Motion Solutions Australia . Their construction consists of a combination of both mechanical and electronic parts.

Motor magnets attach directly to the input gearshaft thus eliminating the need for extra couplings, shafts and bearings which would be necessary if the two components were separate. Getting rid of these extraneous parts means that the gearmotors are more reliable, compact and powerful.

Stealth gearmotors have large output bearings for high radial loads and IP65 protection with Viton se incorporated into their design. The gearmotors exhibit higher performance and are more cost efficient than traditional motor/gearhead assemblies.

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