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Galil Motion Control’s New Ladder Interface Software available from Motion Solutions Australia

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Galil Motion Control’s new Ladder Interface Software is available from Motion Solutions Australia for converting Relay Ladder Logic programs into optimised, deterministic code for their compact RIO-471x0 programmable logic controller (PLC).

Ladder Logic is typically used by PLC programmers to graphically input I/O logic. While direct RIO programming using Galil’s two-letter text instructions allows for flexible coding, it is often easier to determine the I/O logic visually with Ladder Logic.

The software has an easy-to-use graphical interface that provides object types for contacts, coils, control relays, boxes including timers, counters and data manipulation, and analogue I/O. It also features a command box for specifying any valid Galil two-letter command. The Ladder Interface Software generates an optimised RIO program from the specified objects in the logic diagram. It also automatically adds determinism to the RIO program.

Additionally, the Ladder Interface Software includes standard mathematical and logical operators including:

  • Equal, Not Equal, Less than, Greater than
  • AND, OR (normally open or normally closed)
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Increment, Decrement
  • Shift or rotate accumulator left or right
Galil’s RIO-471x0 Intelligent PLC provides 32 digital I/O and 16 analogue I/O in a low-cost, small 3.9" x4.3"x1.3" package. An on-board RISC processor allows for quick I/O handling. Other features include Power-over-Ethernet, program memory with multitasking, process control PID loops, timers, counters, Ethernet10/100Base-T and RS232. Multiple RIO units can be networked for handling an unlimited number of I/O. The RIO provides a web-interface and email capability.

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