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article image Galil's DMC-21x3 Ethernet motion controller.

GALIL'S DMC-21x3 Ethernet motion controllers are designed for extremely space-sensitive applications.

Available from Motion Solutions Australia , these controllers are typically half-the-size of box-level Ethernet controllers.

These intelligent, card-level controllers can be purchased with plug-in, multi-axis amplifier boards, which eliminate wiring between the controller and drives.

Amplifier boards are available for driving stepper, brush and brushless servo motors up to 500W. Or, the ICM-20100 break-out board can be used for easy connection to external drives.

The DMC-21x3 series includes many high performance features of Galil's Optima Series DMC-21x0 32-bit microprocessor controllers, such as 1-8 axis control of step or servomotors, 10-BaseT communications with RS232 port and various modes of motion like point-to-point positioning, jogging, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing, ECAM and contouring.

The DMC-21x3 series is available in one through eight axis versions and can be configured for control of step or servo motors on any combination of axes.

The card-level controller measures just 107.9mm x 177.8mm for one through four-axis models and 107.9mm x 273mm for five through eight axes.

Any mode of motion can be programmed including linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing and ecam.

As with all Galil controllers, programming the DMC-21x3 is simplified with two-letter, intuitive commands and a full set of software tools such as WSDK for servo tuning and analysis and the ActiveX Tool Kit for Visual Basic users.

Additional features include a homing input and forward/reverse limits for each axis, 8 uncommitted I/O for 1-4 axis models, 16 uncommitted I/O for 5-8 axis models (I/O expansion is available with Galil's IOC-7007 intelligent I/O Ethernet controller), encoder inputs up to 12MHz (steppers up to 3MHz) and auxiliary encoder inputs for each servo axis.

Communication drivers are available for DOS, Linux and all current versions of Windows, with support provided for TCP/IP and UDP. They accept 12V power inputs or a dc-to-dc converter option, which allows for input of a single supply voltage from 18-36V.

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