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Ethernet motion controller amplifier option

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article image The AMP-20542 Low Inductance Servo Amplifier.

GALIL Motion Control, represented in Australia by Motion Solutions Australia , has made available its new AMP-20542 Low Inductance Servo Amplifier option for its popular DMC-21x3 series of Ethernet motion controllers.

Like all Galil plug-in boards, the AMP-20542 directly attaches to the 96-pin connector of the DMC-21x3, which eliminates the need for any cabling.

The AMP-20542 contains four transconductance, PWM amplifiers for driving small, low-inductance brush or brushless servomotors.

Each amplifier operates at 18-60Vdc at up to 3.3A continuous, 5A peak.

Additionally, the drive for each axis is software configurable so that it can operate in a chopper or inverter mode.

The AMP-20542 also guards against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and short-circuit.

Galil's DMC-21x3 controller series delivers 1-8 axis control of step or servomotors in any combination of axis. It also features 10-BaseT communications with RS232 port.

The DMC-21x3 also has the ability to program such modes of motion as point-to-point positioning, jogging, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing, ECAM and contouring.

All DMC-21x3 controllers can also be purchased with Galil's array of plug-in, multi-axis amplifier boards designed to eliminate any wiring between the controller and drives.

DMC-21x3 options:

* ICM-20100: 4-axis Interconnect with D-type connectors for interface to external drives

* ICM-20105: 4-axis Interconnect with D-type connectors for interface to external drives. Also includes optical isolation for I/O

* ICM-20500: 4-axis Interconnect with screw terminals and optical isolation. Attaches to AMP-205x0

* SDM-20240: Four full/half step drives for stepper motors

* SDM-206x0: Two or four microstep drives for stepper motors

* AMP-20341: Four 20W drives for brush servos

* AMP-204x0: Two or four 200W drives for brush servos

* AMP-205x0: Two or four 500W drives for brushless/brush servos

* AMP-20542: Four 200W drives for low inductance, brushless/brush servos

* DB-28040: Daughter board for additional 40 digital I/O plus 8 analogue inputs

* DB-28104: Daughter board for Sine/Cosine encoder signals. Interpolates into high-resolution position data

* DMC-21x3: Has box metal enclosure. Standard configuration is for DMC-2143 attached to ICM-20105.

Other packaging options are available upon request.

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