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E-DC microstepping drive

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article image This microstepping drive is designed for a 48Vdc input power requirement and provides up to 4.8A peak of current to the motor.

PARKER Hannifin, represented by Motion Solutions Australia Pty Ltd , has introduced the new E-DC microstepping drive designed for use with motor inductance range of 0.2mH-80mH.

Three-state current control allows the drive and motor to run cooler and more efficiently than two-state drives.

Features include - selectable resolution up to 50,800 steps/rev; auto standby that reduces motor current (and heating) at rest; provides 0.2A to 4.8A (peak); single 24-48 Vdc power supply input; compatible with a variety of motors and six predefined current waveforms to optimise smoothness.

Protection is provided by - optically isolated step and direction inputs; short circuit protected-phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground; power dump circuitry to protect drive from regeneration caused by large inertial loads; self-test feature to verify proper system operation; and over temperature circuitry protects the drive from thermal damage.

The E-DC microstepping drive uses status/fault LED indicators to confirm proper operation and ASIC and surface mount technologies minimise product footprint and overall package size.

A removable snap-on molded cover is included for convenient configuration and protection against contaminants.

The drive includes an optically isolated fault output for embedded applications.

A heat plate design allows thermal dissipation through a suitable heat dissipating mounting surface.

The device also includes - simplified, two-screw mounting, right-angle screw terminal allows side-to-side mounting or Eurorack compatibility and convenient configuration DIP switches.

The E-DC microstepping drive is certified as an UL-recognised component with CE (LVD and EMC). The overall dimensions are 5.0” x 3.6” x 1.6” (127mm x 91mm x 41 mm).

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