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article image Eliminates time-consuming manual setup.

PARKER Hannifin, represented in Australia by Motion Solutions Australia , has released the Aries range of digital servo drives. Their design completely eliminates time-consuming manual setup while ensuring that the drives deliver optimum performance, whatever the application.

When connected to Parker Smart Encoder motors, the drives automatically configure themselves quickly and accurately, without the need for user intervention. The drives are available in five versions with ratings from 100W to 1.3kW. This allows users to match the size of drive to the requirements of the application, so they pay only for the performance that they need. All models are designed to operate from 120V/240V ac supplies, and are offered with optional 120/240V keep-alive circuitry.

Aries drives are supplied ready for operation in torque amplifier mode, but they can be configured in software to run in velocity mode. Step-and-direction versions are also available, allowing the new drives to be used to replace stepper systems and in applications where a step-and-direction command interface already exists.

While automatic setup is offered only when Aries drives are used with Parker Smart Encoder motors, the open architecture of the drives means that they can also be used with almost any modern brushless rotary or linear servo motor and with most types of motion controller. In addition, the drives are compatible with standard quadrature encoders.

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