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Digital direct-drive servo system

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article image Digital servo drive for direct-drive motors.

PARKER Hannifin, represented in Australia by Motion Solutions Australia , has released the Dynaserv family of direct-drive servo systems.

Direct-drive systems are integrated positioning systems that allow the elimination of mechanical transmissions and allow the load to be mounted directly to the motor. This creates a high-performance system that can simplify and increase the performance of many machine types.

The Dynaserv G3 provides optimal control of a direct-drive system, with a resolution of up to 4,096,000 pulses/rev, four times the resolution of the previous model. It can operate in torque, velocity or position control modes and comes with a Windows-based software utility that allows quick setup via RS232 or RS485 communication.

When operated in position mode, the Dynaserv has an autotune utility that allows quick setting of the tuning parameters. Digital implementation of the low pass and notch filtering makes mechanical resonance abatement easier than in earlier models.

Simple motion control functions can be obtained without the need for an external controller. The G3 contains a motion table that allows the storage of indexing moves that can be initiated through a serial command or commanded via discrete inputs. When used with a PLC using multiple inputs the G3 can be used to achieve high-performance motion and handle complex tasks.

The Dynaserv is UL recognized and meets the requirements for CE certification. The G3 has additional safety features including a controlled stop after power failure and a servo disable switch on the front panel of the drive. Since the Dynaserv motor is capable of handling large loads, the G3 has special circuitry to monitor power regeneration to the drive.

The G3 allows operation of all of the DM series motor models and the standard DR series motors. It is also compatible with the Linearserv linear motor system.

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