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Sealing components and anti vibration compounds from Motherson Elastomers

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Motherson Elastomers  has taken over Empire Rubber, which specialises in the supply of sealing components. These sealing components are supplied to different automotive manufacturers. Various sealing components from Motherson Elastomers include primary door seals, secondary seals, driplines, boot seals, trunk seals, hood seals, belt line seals, cowl seals and glass run systems.

Motherson Elastomers supplies anti vibration compounds to the automotive industry. These anti vibration compounds include moulded rubber as well as metal bonded components. Several anti vibration compounds from Motherson Elastomers include rubber suspension brushes, rubber to metal bonded suspension brushes, transmission mountings, air intake hoses, steering column covers, fuel filler shields and engineer mountings.

Motherson Elastomers supplies a comprehensive range of industrial products suitable for rail, mining as well as general industrial applications. Motherson Elastomers also supplies equipment having the capability to reduce vibration in different conditions. Industrial products from Motherson Elastomers include Silentbloc brand of products. These products have the capability to handle loads ranging from three kilograms to about 10000 kilograms. This load range is suitable for minimising vibration conditions.

Silent bloc silent mountings supplied by Motherson Elastomers consist of rubber component in conjunction with a metal thread stud. Some of its features include good bonding between rubber and metal and zinc plated metal parts.

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