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Containers and cans from Morris Mcmahon & Co

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Morris Mcmahon & Co  is a company which specialises in the manufacture of drums, cans and pails for both dangerous as well as non dangerous goods. The product portfolio of Morris Mcmahon & Co includes containers, reseal pail and locking rings, dangerous goods packing and printing products.

Morris Mcmahon & Co offers a wide range of containers including micro drums, push in bung can, closed head drums, doubletite, tripletite and lever ring open top can and pails with full open head.

Morris Mcmahon & Co offers open top cans in a wide range of sizes which includes nanodiameter of 99 mm, overall diameter of 102 mm with nominal heights ranging from 95 mm to 190 mm. Morris Mcmahon & Co offers full open head pails which can be used with reseal lids and locking rings for dangerous goods. The full open head pail from Morris Mcmahon & Co gives the user with the facility to reseal the containers after its being used. Morris Mcmahon & Co offers pails with lug lids for non dangerous goods.

Morris Mcmahon & Co offers push in bung cans which are ideal for semi solid goods such as tablets, grease, gels, powders and granules. Morris Mcmahon & Co offers closed head drums which has been proved for its reliability and performance. These closed head drums from Morris Mcmahon & Co are approved for group 2 and group 3 dangerous goods with capacities ranging from 20 litres to 10 litres.

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