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Revolutionary shaft grounding ring

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MORGAN Industrial Carbon has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Electro Static Technology, manufacturer of the patent pending AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring.

One of the products to be distributed in Australia and New Zealand is the new Conductive MicroFiber Shaft Grounding Ring.

When ac motors are employed with variable frequency drives (VFD), shaft currents discharge through the motor bearings, causing fluting, pitting, excessive noise and motor failure.

By safely channeling harmful shaft current away from the motor bearings to ground, the Shaft Grounding Ring prevents electrical bearing damage and motor failures it causes.

The new AEGIS SGR Conductive MicroFiber Shaft Grounding Ring improves the reliability of any system that uses variable frequency drives (VFD) by dramatically extending motor life - ideal for production plants, manufacturers, motor OEMs, motor service and repair shops, mechanical contractors and in-house maintenance departments.

The AEGIS SGR is maintenance-free, unaffected by dirt, grease, or other contaminants and provides the longest-lasting protection available.

AEGIS SGR is available in standard sizes to fit most ac motors ranging from 8mm to 153mm motor shafts.

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