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Electrical and Mechanical carbon products available from Morgan Industrial Carbon

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Morgan Industrial Carbon , a division of Morganite Australia Private Limited, supplies electrical and mechanical carbon products. The products include hand-held commutator, slipping measuring units, brush force meters, and grades of carbon.

The carbon collector range includes 2H Type collectors, 3 and 6 Type collectors, Pantrograph carbons, Linear current collectors, and Drum controller contact tips.

Morgan Industrial Carbon's range of carbon brushes includes surface rounding, surface cleaning, and wheel motor carbon brushes, carbon grade classes and crane wheel flange lubricator.

Mechanical carbon products include mechanical carbon applications, hanger bearings, casting, crucible, furnace, gland rings, seal ring, sintering, bane, EDM, and PTFE applications. Carbon bearing materials has good frictional qualities with thermal, corrosion, and chemical resistance with low thermal expansion.

General electric spare parts include field coils, contact and connector bar kits, control relays, Armature and Equalizer coils, brush holders and brush springs. The range of fuses includes Littelfuse, general electric, Cellolite, and Eska, Bottle fuse replacements and semi-conductor fuses.

Terminal blocks include a range of 6 stud terminals like M4 to M16 terminal stud threads with voltage ratings from 440 to 1200 Volts. The seal products include sealing rings and compressor components.

In addition to this, Morgan Industrial Carbon also supplies diagnostic and predictive maintenance products and motor replacement products.

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