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Worm Temperature Sensors available from Moore Industries

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In both new and retrofit applications, Worm Flexible Sensors replace restrictive straight sensor probes with a universal sensor strategy that saves time.

The Worm Sensors patented rugged flexible design installs in minutes, with response times faster than any other standard straight sensors, with all popular RTD and thermocouple configurations available.

With straight sensors, the connection head and thermowell assembly components must be removed to install a ridged sensor.

The Worm bends around and through the top or face of the enclosure. It slides through the enclosure’s entry port, and snaps into place without removal of the enclosure, rigid conduit, connection head or any assembly components.

A Worm sensor can be installed in minutes, using a pair of pliers and wire cutters. The installer simply determines the proper length, cuts the WORM spring accordingly, slides the spring over the sensor wires, snaps a cap/clip on the end, and slides the assembly into the thermowell, enclosure or transmitter head. Spacers are supplied to keep the assembly straight.

The Worm is immune from external temperature effects, even in a short thermowell. The temperature assembly keeps the spring-loaded Worm sensor in place, shielding it from external ambient temperatures that can throw readings off. The Worm provides step response times 13% faster than standard, straight sensors.

Using the Worm, there is no need to stock an expensive collection of different sensor lengths. It trims to lengths to handle nearly every thermowell assembly, transmitter head, hockey-puck connection head and dual sided enclosure. Instead of carrying 10 or more spare sensors of different sizes, a maintenance tech can fit a Worm into nearly any application.

Worm sensors are available with a variety of RTDs and thermocouples, including 100 and 1000 ohm, platinum, copper, nickel RTDs, J- and K-type thermocouples, and others.

Worm temperature assemblies are also available for surface measurements.

The Worm can be mounted directly to tanks, pipes, motors, compressors, reactors, or anywhere a skin surface temperature measurement is needed.

These versatile assemblies include the Worm Flexible Sensor with a choice of PC-Programmable or Smart HART Temperature Transmitters.

Stainless steel mounting accessories allow these assemblies to endure the harsh field environments.

The Worm Temperature Sensors are available from Moore Industries.

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