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The HART digital communications protocol is a global standard for transmitting digital information across analog wires to smart devices and control or monitoring stations. HART Communication allows for easier device testing, diagnostics and configuration of analog field products, reducing maintenance and testing time along with making it easier to catch potential problems.

Smart HART loop monitors and interfaces work with all HART-compatible devices and enhance their benefits and performance
  • Our HART interface modules break out analog and discrete process, status and diagnostic signals from smart multivariable HART transmitters and valves.
  • Products such as the HIM HART Loop Monitor allow for up to three analog signals proportional to a multivariable transmitter’s primary, second, third or fourth variables, or to user-selectable valve parameters such as stem position.
  • These products convert HART signals to 4-20mA signals without the need for additional process penetrations or wiring.
  • Smart HART interfaces from Moore Industries also convert HART digital data into alarm relay signals. 
  • These signals can be used by a DCS or PLC control systems.
Single and dual process and loop diagnostic alarms provide a warning of unwanted process conditions or diagnostic problems. Because it is responding to the HART digital information instead of analog data, a Smart HART Interface from Moore Industries can be set to monitor any dynamic HART variable.

Loop interfaces can also monitor HART valve positioners and damper operators to track important parameters such as valve stem position, actuator pressure and temperature. Moore Industries-Pacific information and contact details


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