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ECT-DIN signal isolators available from Moore Industries-Pacific

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article image ECT-DIN signal isolators have a solid metal enclosure

Available from Moore Industries-Pacific , ECT-DIN signal isolators are housed in a solid metal enclosure, making them ideal for the continuous daily rigors of process control and factory automation applications.

ECT-DIN signal isolator, convertor, repeater, booster and splitter is hard wearing and reliable and is available in 2-wire (loop) and 4 wire (line/mains) powered models. The isolators provide economical solutions for an extensive range of signal interface applications.

ECT-DIN signal isolators will:

  • Isolate signals to prevent erratic measurements that are a result of ground loops
  • Convert signals so that field instruments are able to interface directly with an indicator, recorder, DCS, PLC or PC-based SCADA system
  • Split one signal to enable one primary measurement to be sent to two different systems
  • Protect equipment and signals by removing common electrical paths
  • Amplify signals to enable more instruments to be added to an overburdened loop.
  • Solve ‘bucketing’ power supplies by preventing conflicts caused by 4 wire transmitters and DCS trying to power the same process loop
  • Step down dangerous, high voltage signals to safer levels to protect personnel
  • Help to solve DCS start-up problems that can be caused by non-isolated transmitters by installing an ECT in each troublesome loop

These isolator modules are available in dual channel I/O models that offer application flexibility while reducing space and cost requirements.

More information on ECT-DIN signal isolators is available from Moore Industries-Pacific.

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