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article image The Mono F series muncher.

MONO Pumps can provide an energy efficient handling solution for waste from the food, beverage and animal by-product industries by using the powerful F series Muncher.

This is a heavy duty, twin shaft, low speed grinder for both wet and dry material.

Waste is fed into the Muncher via a feed hopper and in turn passes through a series of high strength cutters.

The two shafts revolve at different speeds to pull apart, crop and shear any solids while allowing the liquids to pass straight through.

The solids are reduced to a small consistent size with a volume reduction of 40-70%. This allows reduced costs for transportation, landfill reduction or can increase revenue by providing a homogenous product that facilitates increased production of biogas.

Waste becomes a profitable revenue stream by powering processes or being sold into the grid.

The Series F Muncher can disintegrate:

* Fruit and vegetable waste including pineapple husks, cores, peel and seeds. Full items such as cabbages and melons are no problem.

* Meat and poultry offal, bones and skin

* Animal by products

* Cereal biscuit and bonemeal

* Brewery waste

* Dairy waste

* Fish waste, shells and seafood by product

* Cans, plastic cutlery, paper plates and cups, plastic bags

* Cardboard packaging.

The unit is self-cleaning featuring auto reversing blockage protection.

Contact Mono Pumps for a free video CD that shows many products being disintegrated by the Mono F series muncher.

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