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Sunpower delivers 18,000 litres a day

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article image Mono Pumps’Bryan Walder (left) and property owner John Lees with the solar array and the Sun-Ray pump.

A FIVE panel Sun-Ray solar pumping installation made by Mono Pumps has been delivering 18,000 litres of water each day for the past four years at a property near Echuca in Victoria. Owner John Lees says solar power has solved his watering problems and saved him a considerable amount by eliminating traditional fuels.

Four years ago John Lees was faced with a problem. His main water supply was a 40 metre bore producing 300 litres an hour via a Venturi pump. The electrically powered pump was proving costly to run while the supply of water was marginal.

Two and half kilometers from the house an irrigation channel was full of water but with a four metre uphill slope from the channel to the house and paddocks there was no obvious way of getting water to the point of need.

David Bates of Echuca's Eric R Bates, suggested a Mono Pumps' Sun-Ray solar pumping installation -- a solar solution that could deliver up to 100,000 litres per day.

The "running costs" of the solar pumping system were minimal. Mono estimated the solar panels would provide more than 20 years supply of power.

In 1996 a five panel Mono Sun-Ray system was installed. The solar array was equipped with a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) tracking system which follows the sun to generate maximum power from the array.

Power from the array is fed into a dc motor which drives a Mono positive displacement progressive cavity pump -- a single helix metal rotor turning eccentrically within a double helix resilent stator.

The pump creates a cavity as it rotates. The cavity progresses towards the discharge end, advancing in front of a continously forming seal line carrying the pumped material with it.

John Lee's new system was installed on a cloudy day. But by mid afternoon the system was delivering 1500 litres an hour working at an estimated 70 per cent efficiency.

In four years the Sun-Ray system has pumped at least 18,000 litres of water daily and serviced 800 head of sheep and one Australian farm household. Mono Pumps 03 9580 5211.

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