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Submersible pump shreds contaminants

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article image Piranha pumps can be used for sewage removal in a number of farming, construction and manfacturing situations.

ABS Piranha submersible pumps incorporate a unique shredding system capable of slicing up clothes, sanitary products, condoms and plastic bags.

They are designed for sewage removal in areas where conventional sewering is impractical -- such as residential development sites, motorway resting sites, small industrial sites, slaughter houses, etc.

The pumps, marketed in Australia by Mono Pumps are designed for effective, economical dewatering tasks involving small diameter discharge lines, according to Mono Pumps spokesman Paul McLean.

He says the new pumps provide a problem free pumping system.

“The inbuilt shredding system is unique. It is fully capable of shredding clothes, sanitary products, condoms and plastic bags that may be introduced into the sewage flow."

The cutter system features a new "grinder pump" design which consists of a lobed rotor cutter attached to a centrifugal impeller.

A stationary cutting elements is fastened to the spiral base plate so that the lobed rotor turns into thestationary cutter. The cutter is designed with a "wave form" so that the number of waves is less than the number of lobes in the rotor.

This causes an opening to be formed between the rotor and the cutter. The pumping action of the impeller causes water and solids to flow onto the cutting element which shears them into small particles -- which are then pumped into the discharge pipe.

Should any of the finely sheared particles attempt to lodge between the impeller and the bottom plate, outward threaded spiral grooves move them onto the discharge providing a blockage free operation.

Piranha pumps are capable of handling heavilly polluted sewage with continuous operation.

The fully encapsulated motor is flood proof and there is an optional explosion-proof Exd version. The pump section is described as robust and compact.

Designed for extended performance, bearing shafts are lubricated for life and are sealed with a silicon carbide mechanical seal.

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