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Solar pumping day and night

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article image Mono Pumps’ power controller.

WITH the new Mono ac power controller, solar pump users can now operate their systems 24 hours a day -- with significant benefits during periods of peak water demand and especially for systems that need to be operated by night.

One disadvantage of solar pumping has been the sun's habit of vanishing over the western horizon every night - leaving solar arrays with no input and pump users with no output.

To avoid users running dry at night -- and to maintain water supplies during periods of maximum demand, Mono Pumps has introduced a new power controller which converts 240V, 50Hz ac power from a generator, into dc power fed into the solar tracker via its MPPT or maximum power point tracker.

Priced at around $1500, the Mono ac power controller comes complete with plug and socket connections to suit Mono solar pumping systems.

One model suits all Mono 180V systems from 300 - 1200W/h while changeover from ac to solar is automatic once the powering generator is turned off.

The controller automatically compensates for different solar array configurations while an internal temperature monitoring unit reduces power output if the operating temperature gets too high. Mono Pumps 03 9580 5211.

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