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Retro fit revitalises old pumps

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article image Mono Pumps technician George Kounelis with a newly installed Pro-Flo air distribution system.

A NEW upgrade kit from Wilden means users of Wilden M & T series and Versamatic AODD pumps can inexpensively upgrade to the latest air distribution technology -- with remarkable gains in efficiency, extended pumping life and reduced running costs.

"Wilden's technical advances in the design and manufacture of Pro Flo air distribution systems have generated very significant efficiency gains,” says Paul McLean of Wilden's main Australian agents Mono Pumps.

"The total gains in efficiency, performance and reduced operating costs are really substantial."

The new Pro-Flo air distribution system offers the following benefits:

· Lube free operation.

· Non stalling unbalanced air valve spool.

· Reduced running cost.

· Anti freezing capability.

· Very high on/off reliability.

· Extended life.

But users of older type pumps would normally need to install a complete new pumping system in order to gain these assets.

To offset this restriction, Mono Pumps is offering an inexpensive retro fit which means many old pumps can be rejuvenated for a modest price tag.

Paul McLean says: "With this Retro Fit offer users of Wilden M or T series pumps and users of Versamatic pumps can fit a new air distribution system and gain virtually the full benefits of a brand new 2002 pumping system with very substantial savings."

A retro-fitted Wilden Pro-Flo air distribution system on a Wilden M or T series or a Versamatic AODD pump features a plastic C-block and AV along with a non stalling unbalanced spool.

Wilden claims the Pro-Flo air distribution system has "outstanding on/off reliability".

The system incorporates three moving parts: an unbalanced air valve spool, a pilot valve spool and a main shaft/diaphragm assembly. The air valve spool directs compressed air to one chamber while exhausting the other.

The pressurised air chamber allows the shaft/diaphragm assembly to shift outward, discharging liquid from one chamber and drawing liquid into the opposite chamber.

As the shaft reaches the limit of its stroke the opposing inner piston depresses the pilot valve spool so that, depending on its position, the spool either pressurizes or depressurizes the large end of the unbalanced air valve spool.

When the large end is pressurised the spool is forced up so that air is ported to the RHS of the pump and exhausted from the LHS. When the large end is depressurised the spool is again forced down and air is ported through the air valve spool on the left side of the pump and air is exhausted through the right hand side.

Exhaust air from air chambers passed across the air valve spool but does not dissipate pressure until it has exited the air valve assembly -- a fact that greatly increases the anti-freezing capability of the Pro-Flo air distribution system.

Kits are available for Wilden M & T Series and Versamatic AODD pumps in sizes 6.35mm, 12.7mm, 25.4mm, 38.1mm and 50.8mm. Mono Pumps 03 9580 5211.

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