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Pressure sewer systems package

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article image Cutaway of the Mono pressure sewer system.

MONO Pumps ' model G60 Grifter package is an all Australian designed and manufactured sewage grinding pump station for pressure sewer systems.

Pressure sewer systems are installed as an economic alternative to the traditional gravity feed sewer.

A pressure sewer system is particularly useful where it would be difficult to install the traditional gravity mains such as areas that are hilly, extremely flat, of environmental significance, built up, or where minimum disruption is required.

Pressure sewer systems also allow the use of different cost allocation or finance packaging, to install sewerage in previously cost prohibitive locations.

The G60 Grifter pump is located in a completely dry compartment in a high density polyethylene tank that has a totally sealed sewage collection well.

The standard pressure sewer system package uses a 1000 litre capacity tank and has a 60m total pumping head capacity. A 1500 litre tank is also an option and packages with higher volumes and pressure are available on request.

The package is installed at each home where sewage is collected, macerated and pumped under pressure to its destination.

The pressure sewer system uses small bore pipes following the natural contour of the ground, leading to considerable cost savings in installation and maintenance.

The pump is not immersed in the sewage so maintenance is a one-man operation lessening the risk of sewage contamination of equipment, or spillage into the local environment.

The tank has a shallow profile reducing the cost of excavation and a sloped floor that ensures pumping down to a very small residual volume. The flat ground level lid ensures that the package is visually unobtrusive.

A controller operates the package via an electronic microprocessor allowing fully automatic operation with audible and visual warning displays. Features include a diagnostic port to monitor performance characteristics of the system, and a telemetry communication port.

For a copy of the new PSS animation CD, call 1800 333 138.

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