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New pumps handle large chunks

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article image Wilden’s Saniflo LSH pump.

CAPABLE of handling food parts up to 76mm in diameter with flows to 989Lpm, Wilden's new range of Saniflo LSH pumps will meet the needs of many food manufacturing companies.

Engineered in response to food manufacturers expressed needs for a reliable and efficient positive displacement pump capable of handling large solid parts, the Saniflo LSH range will pump 76mm compressible solids without damaging the product.

The pump series has been expressly designed for poultry, vegetable, meats, food by-products and pet food manufacturers. It complies fully with USDA standards.

Wilden's Wil-Flo air system eliminates freezing concerns and lubrication requirements while maximising flow rates and general efficiency.

The air system is available in stainless steel or nickel-plated aluminum and brass.

The LSH pumps incorporate a straight flow through design that ensures the pumping media will not become trapped or stagnate. Two pumping chambers reduce within the pump resulting in high shear sensitivity.

The use of close fitting parts is avoided so solids can pass without harming pump components while pumping abrasive or viscous products does not affect pump integrity.

Wing nut fasteners provide an easy grip so pump clamp bands can be rapidly removed while tri-clamp style inlet and discharge ports offer quick, easy disconnection for cleaning, inspection and maintenance. Mono Pumps 03 9580 5211.

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