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New food pump handles delicate products

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article image The new Wilden W 15 large solids handling pump.

A MAJOR food ingredients company reports the Wilden large solids handling pump has proved its capability to deliver delicate and sensitive products like whole cherries in jelly -- with no product degradation whatsover.

In November last year, Mono Pumps , Australian agent for Wilden, was approached by a major food ingrediants company with a problem.

The company needed to pump various types of filling materials including fruit mince, whole cherries in jelly and apricot halves. But tests on a number of pumps from different suppliers had shown that the filling materials were delicate and very easily damaged.

Bruce Anderson, Wilden Product Specialist at Mono Pumps had a brand new product which he believed would solve the pumping problem.

The newly introduced Wilden W 15 LSH air-operated, double-diaphragm pump, is specifically designed to pump 76mm (3") compressible solids without damaging the product.

The pumps are intrinsically safe and comply fully with USDA 3 A.

The pumps can run dry and are shear sensitive with full stainless steel construction. They have no inbuilt motors, are self priming, portable, and capable of pumping an entire range of solid foods.

At food processing plants in the US and worldwide, the Wilden LSH is already pumping poultry pieces, vegetables, pie fillings, pet foods, meats, soups and sauces, condiments, spreads and food by-products.

The entire liquid path is made from 3166 stainless steel while Wilden's Wil-Flo air system eliminates any concerns in respect to freezing or lubrication while maximizing flow rates and pumping efficiency.

After a three month trial, the food ingredients company reported, after trialling the pump on all products, it was impressed.

“We were especially pleased with its performance pumping whole cherries in jelly -- a product which had previously been a problem.

“With the Wilden W 15 LSH there was absolutely no product degradation and we are pleased to report that the trial has been a complete success.”

Following the successful trials the company purchased its first Wilden W15 LSH pump.

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