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NOV Mono presents InviziQ Pressure Sewer System for the wastewater industry

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Mono Pumps (Australia)  announces the launch of a new technology set to revolutionise the wastewater industry.
Designed for sewerage systems to be implemented in areas where they were not previously practical, the InviziQ Pressure Sewer System (PSS) from NOV Mono delivers enhanced performance, increased reliability and greater durability than conventional alternatives.
The innovative InviziQ system does not need gravity to operate, and offers controlled removal of wastewater in a far more efficient footprint than conventional sewerage systems. Wastewater systems can therefore be created in more areas than ever before, providing unlimited sewering possibilities in locations that have previously proved challenging from rocky terrain to coastal regions.
Mono’s industry-leading progressing cavity pump technology lies at the heart of the InviziQ system.
Key features of InviziQ Pressure Sewer System:

  • Advanced dry well design
  • Motor located in a ‘dry’ compartment at the top unlike conventional alternatives that place the motor inside the wet area of the tank
  • Dry, compartmentalised design simplifies maintenance operations and removes the need for entry into a confined space
  • Design minimises risk of anyone falling into an exposed unit
  • Adaptable software for telemetry and network monitoring assists with program upgrades, diagnostics or self-monitoring
  • Control platform features two-way telemetry to support remote monitoring
  • Multiple InviziQ systems can be linked to create an expanded infrastructure with centralised network management
David West, Sales and Marketing Director at NOV Mono explains that the InviziQ sets an entirely new standard for PSS technology ranging from its powerful cutter through to its telemetry ready enhanced controller.
The system’s cutting-edge, MonoSense solid-state level sensor provides far greater reliability than traditional mechanical float alternatives, which are subject to failure due to exposure to raw sewerage. MonoSense has no moving parts and is designed to provide trouble-free performance for the life of the unit.
David West adds that InviziQ is a product of Australian design, engineering and manufacturing at its finest, delivering a system that customers can simply set in the ground and forget about them.

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