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Mono W range pump helps Sintec get on the move

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The Widethroat W range pump from Mono Pumps has enabled geothermal drilling specialists Sintec Environmental Ltd to increase the speed and efficiency of their new mobile site support system.

Based in Lancashire, Sintec specialises in geothermal drilling, and installing and grouting of ground source vertical and horizontal heat sources for heat pump installations. A new multipurpose trailer designed and manufactured by Sintec can mix and inject grouting media or alternative products into chosen cavities, anywhere on site. Mono’s Widethroat W range pump forms an essential part of Sintec’s mobile system by pumping the thicker grout mixes more quickly and efficiently.

Sintec’s new mobile support system ensures companies can meet any future legislation such as section 86 of the Water Resources Act 1991, which expects possible pathways of contamination of existing boreholes that have been sampled and monitored to be sealed up.

Once the mobile system is in-situ and drilling of an exploratory hole is almost complete, a mixer combines the bentonite/cement grouts to form bentonite slurry. A lean mix of bentonite and cement is the standard site investigation mix and is designed to stop any cross contamination of aquifers. The slurry is then transferred by the W Range pump to the holding tank ready for injection into the hole within a matter of minutes.

Key benefits of Mono Widethroat W range slurry pumps: 

  • Enlarged, rectangular inlet and screw conveyor assist thick slurries into the pumping element for easy transfer
  • Rotary action of the positive displacement pump generates pressure at any speed
  • Does not require centrifugal force or high rotational speeds to operate
  • No large changes in fluid velocity as the pump does not rely on any centrifugal action for its operation
  • Minimal agitation and turbulence allows shear sensitive products to be pumped without damage
  • Ideal for delivering steady flow of viscous materials, benefiting from slow running speeds and gentle handling
The Widethroat W range pump is available in Australia from Mono Pumps (Australia) .

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