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article image The new Wilden Saniflo VC Series pump.

A NEW Saniflo VC Series pump launched in Australia by Wilden agent Mono Pumps offers significant advantages to food processors.

The pump is claimed to use minimal or no water and features minimum air consumption levels -- features that save energy costs.

The pump has only two moving parts and will pump compressible solids up to 152mm in diameter.

Applications include pumping:

· Whole poultry parts, marinated meats, cubed and cooked beef.

· Strawberries, potatoes, soups, and chilli beets.

· Wine mash, fruit fillings, canned vegetables, diced fruit mixes.

· Sauces, melted butter, process waste slurries.

The new pump works by creating a vacuum within the vertical column of the pump to draw incoming product into a stainless steel column.

The column is then pressurised with filtered compressed air which forces product out of the column and down stream.

A vacuum is again generated to draw up product for the next cycle. The vertical pumping action works in conjuction with two flap valves. It prevents damage to products and offers a simple, reliable and extremely efficient large solids pumping solution.

In tests by Wilden a Saniflo VC 6 Series pump passed 6000 pounds an hour of marinated poultry breast with product damage at only 0.4%.

Paul McLean of Wildens Main Australian agents Mono Pumps says the new pump will be of substantial

The new pumps are intrinsically safe, meet USDA requirements, are ideal for shear sensitive products and require no motor.

They can run dry and are able to pump abrasives or variable flows. The new pumps are available in three sizes, 4", 6" and 8" and are self priming, portable, driven by compressed air and easy to assemble.

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