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Blockage-free sewage pumps

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article image The newly introduced ABS Contrablock sewage pump.

THE new ABS Contrablock water pumps from Mono Pumps offer extended life along with state-of-the art levels of hydraulic efficiency and blockage free pumping.

Confronted with contaminants like towels, cloths, rubbish sacks, plastic bottles and even the odd shoe, many sewage pumps clog up and require servicing.

But the latest ABS ContraBlock pumps can pass a wide range of contaminants and are claimed by ABS to pump raw unscreened sewage reliably without blockage.

ABS, a leader in the manufacture of submersible pumps, mixers and aeration equipment, regards the ContraBlock pump as a significant advance in pumping technology.

According to tests carried out by the independent German LGA Test Institute, the new pumps provided exceptional performance across a range of sewage contaminants including towels, cloths, rubbish sacks, plastic bottles and shoes -- all items regularly dumped into or collected by Australian sewage systems.

Tests included single channel pumps, twin channel pumps, vortex pumps, cutter pumps and Contrablock impellers for DN 100 to DN 150 pumps.

AFP M1 - M3 Contrablock pumps also feature a new innovation which Paul McLean of Australian distributors Mono Pumps claims is expected to double the life expectancy of the pump across a range of varying applications and deliver substantial savings in terms of life cycle costings.

Improved resistance to wear is achieved by a special treatment of the impeller and bottom plates. The treatment produces a hardness of 45 Rockwell C vs 20 Rockwell C for untreated parts.

The specially treated pumps (AFP M1 - M3 models) are recommended for 'high wear sites' in standard sewage applications where the specially hardened parts are claimed to sharply reduce maintenance and repair requirements while at least doubling conventional pump operating life.

The ContraBlock anti-blockage system is available in various discharge sizes DN 80 to DN 300 on pumps from 1.3kW to 100kW.

The gap between the base and the impeller can be adjusted to compensate for wear while the system itself can handle solids up to 100mm, including fibres, pieces of cloth and other contaminants which can readily block conventional pumps.

A large suction inlet and a continuous spiral groove in the bottom plate assists in transporting material through the pump. The spiral groove is cast and is extremely hard and resistant to wear.

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