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Advanced pump series raises standards

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article image Wilden Advanced Series P2 plastic pump.

NEW air-operated double diaphragm pumps from Wilden are the result of computerised modelling, new flow theories and innovative engineering concepts. According to Mono Pumps Paul McLean, they will outperform any other air-operated pump on every measure while remaining extremely cost effective.

The new pumps feature increased flow rates, improved air distribution efficiency, leak free characteristics and improvements in suction lift capabilities.

Flow rates have been 'maximised' by using an innovative liquid path design in conjunction with a super-efficient air distribution system.

The key to maximising flow rates is to minimise internal friction levels -- a result that has been engineered with the aid of computer flow modelling, flow theories and a number of innovative concepts.

The liquid path design is well matched to a highly efficient air distribution system. The two elements are claimed to reduce operating costs by using less air per delivered gpm.

The advanced series of pumps are assembled using special fastener designs that offer superior torque retention and ensure long leak free operation.

Wilden’s valve seat design and close mating tolerances have been proven in a wide range of low viscosity pumping applications worldwide.

In addition, valve ball movements and the stroke length of the diaphragm shaft have been engineered to maximise suction lift without sacrificing other performance characteristics. Mono Pumps 03 9580 5211.

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