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Monatec’s DR&F series of monitors wins Import Replacement Product of the Year award.

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ENDEAVOUR Award judges found Monatec’s D,R & F series of monitors, designed to solve the problem of remote monitoring for field applications, an impressive alternative to previously imported monitors.

The R Series is a four point monitoring device that can send either an SMS or email directly from the product when an alarm state is reached on a connected piece of equipment.

In one application, the R Series is being re-branded as the Siemens Data Compressor which is substituting exports and will ensure the company has greater access to world markets for its future distribution.

The D Series is a high capacity data logger while the F Series is a flow detection device that utilises a titanium hybrid flow sensor, and can be used to detect illegal usage in fire services.

The series was designed to utilise common packaging, common electronic boards and software with each product sharing common casing components containing over 12 product variations.

The company faced many problems during development, in particular finding a product that could operate off its own battery supply for up to 10 years. A challenge the company was able to meet by using its experience with the telephone line powered auto dialler and by choosing low powered micros and design concepts.

Judges Comments - This is a superb example of a small Australian electronics manufacturer using market research, R&D and engineering modular design to create a wide range of low-cost monitoring products.

The company’s products have almost an infinite range of applications, and markets.

Highly Commended

Jeff Hort Engineering has been able to replace copper tube components for refrigerators that would otherwise have come from China making them a worthy recipient of the judges Highly Commended award.

The items which include heat exchangers, skin condensers and miscellaneous tubes are formed to meet the design parameters for each refrigerator model. The products had previously been produced by Jeff Hort’s customers who decided to outsource components and concentrate on assembly only with some exceptions.

The challenge for the company was to produce the components at a lesser cost. Purpose built process equipment had to be designed and procured to remove a proportion of the labour which the company achieved by using the latest technology in tube processing, soldering and robotics with most of the design being done in house.

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