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Unshielded SMT memory card connectors

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article image Molex 67781 series.

MOLEX's series 67781 of unshielded SMT secure digital input output (SDIO) memory card connectors enjoy the benefits of industry-standard features in a compact, economical design.

With a choice of 'no stand-off' or 1.80mm stand-off versions, these inexpensive, lightweight connectors feature good solderability while offering rugged performance and ease-of-use.

The 1.80mm stand-off version even allows a 1.5mm high application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip to be mounted beneath the connector.

Both versions of SDIO card connectors accept industry standard SD memory cards in applications such as PDAs, digital video cameras, digital still cameras, notebook computers, electronic dictionaries, home video game machines, cellular phones, and other small form factor electronic devices.

The connectors are designed to withstand high durability card insertion and extractions of up to 10,000 times; and provide good resistance to shock and vibration while ensuring high electrical contact integrity when used.

The plastic cover of the connector is made of heat-resistance polymer and provides good protection of electrical contacts as well as added card stability.

A feature of the 67781 series includes the connector's stainless steel card lock pin which gives mechanical support during card insertion, while offering chemical and moisture corrosion resistance.

The connectors provide card insertion detection and read-write switch functions by the 'protect' pin extension which makes contact with the 'protect-and-detect' pin.

The 'protect-and-detect' terminals of the connector provide card security and read-write capabilities. Beveled spring contacts within the connector housing secure connector to card mating.

These 9-circuit connectors are rated at 0.5Amp and 250 Volts dc per contact and feature good terminals-and-pins co-planarity of up to 0.1mm maximum.

They can be ordered in embossed tape packaging for automatic board mounting.

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