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31/07/03 - MOLEX's series 67781 of unshielded SMT secure digital input output (SDIO) memory card connectors enjoy the benefits of industry-standard features in a compact, economical design. With a choice of 'no stand-off' or 1.80mm stand-off versions, these ine
Supplier news
31/07/03 - MOLEX's 67840 series of SMT Secure Digital/Secure Digital IO (SD/SDIO) memory card connectors maximise space saving. This new series of connectors features 1.8mm stand-offs for good solderability and even allows a 1.5mm high ASIC chip to be mounted b
Supplier news
29/05/03 - MICRO-Fit compliant pin interface headers from Molex offer dependable performance for high-density applications. These press-fit headers require no soldering and are suitable for applications that include servers, fan tray assemblies and backplanes.

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