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Automation systems from Modern Plastic Welding

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Modern Plastic Welding  is a company which supplies leak testing instruments and systems, signature analysis assembly instruments, plastic welding systems and assembly press modules to a wide range of manufacturing industry. Modern Plastic Welding also specialises in offering parts including cars components, toys, medical products, whitegoods components and packaging. Modern Plastic Welding offers its automation products to a wide range of industries including medical, food, automotive, packaging, and white goods industries. Modern Plastic Welding has supplied its specialised equipment to both local and overseas manufactures.

Modern Plastic Welding offers automation systems including special purpose machines, robot grippers, 6 axis robotic solutions and full production line products.

Modern Plastic Welding offers special purpose machines including special purpose welding and leak testing equipment, ultrasonic welding using 6 axis robot, pressure decay leak tester using c-20 and special purpose laser measuring machine. Modern Plastic Welding offers robot grippers which are used in injection moulding machines for removing parts. Modern Plastic Welding offers 6 axis robotic solutions which are used in applications including ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic staking and material handling and laser cutting. Modern Plastic Welding offers custom design and full production lines

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