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Dzus Fasteners and D-Glide Solutions from Modern Engineering

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Modern Engineering ’s Dzus fasteners belong to its range of quarter turn fasteners. These fasteners operate as quick release fastening systems. Dzus fasteners’ parts are dimensioned and produced in metric terms and they come in 4mm, 6mm and 9mm diameters. Dzus fasteners have seven receptacles and come with front load and inserts types.

The various types of Dzus fasteners available from Modern Engineering include grommets, receptacles, strikes, retainers, darts, latches, toggles, and studs. Novasteen, an industrial laminate possessing mechanical and electrical insulating characteristics, is available from Modern Engineering. Novasteen is offered in its natural form as well as in the form of rods, sheets or tubes filled with graphite.

Novasteen mechanical and electrical insulation materials from Modern Engineering are completely machineable and have the ability to withstand high loads and are therefore apt for bearings, rollers and silent gear. Applications of mechanical and electrical insulation materials include gears, bearings, tension wheels, mixing paddles, mounting panels, insulating pads, insulating sleeves, stern tubes, scraper blades, bushes, rollers, pulleys and doctor blades.

Modern Engineering provides engineering services from its machine shop. Services include drilling, grinding complete fabrication, CNC facilities, milling facilities and pump repair. D-Glides solutions from Modern Engineering include maintenance free bearings for crane building. D-Glide F bushings are deployed in the main hinges of floating harbour cranes of enormous size, not allowing the use of roller bearings.

Some advantages of D-Glide solutions from Modern Engineering are freedom from maintenance, higher peak load limits, ease of installation, design simplicity and the availability of wear indicator.

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