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Bearing and wearing material from Modern Engineering

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Modern Engineering  provides the D-Glide range of wearing and bearing materials. Wearing and bearing materials available from Modern Engineering are designed for use in railway, food and confectionery, fluids handling, marine and chemical industries.

These materials are made of non-asbestos components that function much the same way or even better than asbestos composites. D-Glide materials are chemical resistant and exhibit strong wear resistance. Major bearing and wearing products from Modern Engineering include ABS bushes, Hanger bearings, D-Glide sphericals and Cylinder glands.

Cast nylons are self lubricating bearing materials available from Modern Engineering. The major benefits of cast nylons are abrasion and chemical resistance and strong wear. Cast nylon materials are non porous and have low density. They also have low co-efficiency compared to other grades of nylon.

Cast nylon bearing materials from Modern Engineering have lubrication that does not dry, drain, spin or machine out. Sprocket, Nylon Cog and Nylon Pulleys are the chief cast nylon products available from Modern Engineering in natural and black colours.

Anti-slip deck or floor covering materials from Modern Engineering are made by combining cork granules, rubber and polymers to form a homogenous mixture that is stable and hard wearing. The resulting material possesses strong weathering properties with respect to the Australian climate and is suitable for laying anti-slip covers for dry as well as wet conditions.

Anti-slip flooring materials available from Modern Engineering are applicable for public transport, pontoon decking, swimming pool surrounds, walkways, marine decking and pleasure craft.

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