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Mobilarm Crewsafe safety monitoring systems detect emergencies

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Mobilarm  Crewsafe is a crew safety monitoring system for use on offshore vessels and by commercial marine operators, which automatically activates an alarm within seconds of a man overboard incident or other personnel-related emergency. Scalable to most marine environments, the Crewsafe safety monitoring system/industrial-grade system is designed to improve the workplace safety of marine employees by monitoring the safety of crew at work at all times.

Crewsafe safety monitoring system features a network of wireless routers, which automatically detect emergencies involving personnel and can initiate a full-scale alert within seconds of an incident occurring, such as man overboard.

Employees carry a small transceiver, a Crewsafe tag, whose wireless signal keeps them connected to the network through the Crewsafe safety monitoring system’s routers. The network immediately detects any break in the signal and automatically raises the alarm if the connection is not re-established within seconds. Therefore, if a worker falls overboard, the tag disconnects from the Crewsafe safety monitoring system’s network and the alarm is automatically raised. The tag also features a duress button that can be manually activated if an employee is in distress but not in the water.

The Crewsafe safety monitoring system has the following features:

  • crew location monitoring
  • manual and covert alarms
  • crew paging
  • management of safety equipment and rescue assets

The Mobilarm Crewsafe safety monitoring system integrates with onboard navigation equipment to provide incident position and track-back data and can also interface with external devices to implement additional safety measures.

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