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Sadleirs Transport uses Mobicon to solve container loading problems

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According to Sadleirs Transport, one of the big issues faced when unloading containers is the detrimental damage caused on yards and pavements by heavy equipment.

The constant wear and tear of large forklifts and heavy equipment causes companies to sustain on-going maintenance and costly repair bills to their yards and pavements. Adding the costs of maintaining and repairing this equipment on a regular basis sees companies investing more capital than necessary on the unloading of containers.

In addition, many unloading yards are not designed to carry heavy equipment, yards do not meet 12 inch pavement requirements, or the yards themselves are small and narrow and not designed to withstand the use of heavy vehicles.

When Sadleirs Transport re-located their Queensland operations, it was identified that while the new premises were not designed for the larger forklifts it still needed a system that could maintain the 15 to 25 containers a week that are unloaded.

Sadleirs Transport knew that the answer was the Mobicon. Sadleirs had already been using a Mobicon in its Victorian premises, so they knew that it would be a perfect fit for the Queensland operations as well. Mobicon is one of the innovative and cost effective inventions to come out of Australia.

The Mobicon is designed to handle any length container, from 20 foot (6.1 metres) through to 48 foot (14.6 metres). Mobicon lifts the load from the bottom, which allows the operator to handle flat beds, tank containers and curtain sided containers. The Two Tower design provides the flexibility to operate on slightly sloping or uneven surfaces. Compacted gravel yards are also suitable for the Mobicon.

The Mobicon Mobile Container Handler has two independent lifting towers, connected by drawbars. When handling a container, the towers are coupled to the container.

Mobicon = low wheel height
Container forklifts weigh approximately 35 tonne, and then carry up to 30 tonne containers. Therefore they have an axle loading of 50 tonnes or more and many industrial estate pavements are not suitable for carrying these loadings.

The Mobicon can operate on pavements where a forklift or straddle carrier cannot.

The Mobicon weighs only 12 tonne empty, and as the weight is evenly spread across 8 wheels, the wheel loadings are less than 6 tonne when carrying a 30 tonne container. This makes the Mobicon a lighter and safer solution than heavy vehicles.

Mobicon = low height = inside sheds

According to Sadleirs Transport, the larger forklifts also need a wider turning circle than the Mobicon. If your yard is small or narrow then this can become a problem running forklifts.

The Mobicon can back containers in to tight spots and will pass through a 3.8 metre high by 4.7 metre wide door opening. This allows the operator to transport the containers inside sheds and unload into the doorways.

This is a tremendous advantage as the Mobicon allows Sadleirs Transport’s staff to unload containers undercover, out of the rain and wet. Forklifts cannot do that. With the Mobicon Sadleirs Transport can get a 48 foot container in to the shed; this is because it is designed to straddle the container, which is fantastic. Mobicon has the ability to move in restrictive areas and can fully utilise all areas of the yard. The Mobicon is the first system that can actually get containers into restricted warehouse spaces.

According to Sadleirs, it has also seen an increase in productivity levels across both the Victorian and Queensland operations since they started using the Mobicon.

Previously Sadleirs’ docks were capable of unloading 2 containers on 2 trailers at any one time, they can now unload 4 to 5 containers at the same time which spreads labour and increases the productivity.

Now with the Mobicon, in busy times, Sadleirs pick up the goods on the weekends and the containers are ready to be unloaded at 6.00 am every Monday morning.

Mobicon = low operating costs
According to Sadleirs, the capital investment of a Mobicon is 30% of the cost of a comparable forklift.

The unique and simple design and use of off the shel quality components, result in low maintenance costs. The use of an efficient 60hp diesel engine, coupled to the hydraulic system, keeps the fuel costs down.

The capital investment is so minimal when purchasing a Mobicon, it is cheaper to run, cheaper to service and maintain. Servicing larger forklifts and heavy equipment requires a heavy mechanical engineer which will set you back $250 for a call out fee. With the Mobicon you can just use a qualified forklift mechanic.

The Mobicon has a 4 cylinder motor and is so easy to maintain. All the parts are visually obvious and accessible to service so there is no specialised service training required. e.g.: an oil leak is obvious and can be fixed easily and quickly on site.

According to Sadleirs, so little can actually go wrong with the Mobicon. Mobicon really does equal lower running costs, service and repair costs. The running of the Mobicon is cost efficient and far more economical than a forklift.

Mobicon = simplicity and ease of use

According to Sadleirs, you do not need to have anything other than Mobicon yard accreditation to purchase and use the Mobicon, as the system does not require accredited training and licenses.

Training in the larger forklifts requires a confident operator. Yet, anyone with a heavy vehicle license can drive the Mobicon because it is that simple and safe. Drivers are trained by own accredited driver trainer and staff can be trained on site, at any time, which has been ideal.

The low centre of gravity makes the Mobicon stable. There is no need to lift the container more than 300mm for travelling. The operator also has a view of the operating area, as he does not have to look through the frame of the equipment as with a forklift.

The Mobicon system was designed by Mr Tom Schults, and is 100% Australian designed, owned and operated.

Sadleirs Transport has one Mobicon in Victoria and one in Brisbane. The Mobicon replaced the capital investment of larger forklifts and heavy equipment in Sadleirs Transport unloading yards.

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