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Mobicon launches new range of mini straddle carriers

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Mobicon Systems has developed a new range of mini straddle carriers designed to handle goods into or out of a container.

Featuring two towers, Mobicon’s current model of mini straddle carriers, the 2T (2 Tower) excels in the ability to bring containers inside buildings, easily going under 4m doorways. These container handlers can also handle bolsters or flat racks; since arms are used instead of chains, the load will not swing like straddle carriers with chains, increasing safety.

However, not everyone needs to take containers inside buildings, and many of Mobicon’s clients do not use flat racks or bolsters. Combined with the high price tag, this resulted in some difficulty selling the 2T Mobicons. Buyers unwilling to take risks were often reluctant to buy this model. But once they bought a 2T Mobicon, they quickly discovered its usefulness, with many clients going on to invest in more than one unit.

Given these challenges, Mobicon designed a new mini straddle carrier similar to conventional straddle carriers. The new ECO range cannot go under low awnings or doors, and is not really suitable for carrying bolsters or flat racks. ECO stands for Economic and Ecological. 

The 8-wheel configuration is a major feature of the ECO range. Most industrial yards are designed for trucks and 5 tonne forklifts. The low wheel weights of the Mobicon allow users to now handle containers without damaging their yards. 

The first model in the ECO range is the ECO-B, which stands for ECO-Bottom lift. This mini straddle carrier uses chains, with hooks connected to the bottom corner castings. The top of the chains is positioned at 30 feet; when a 20-foot container is carried, the chains point inwards towards the operator. When a 40-foot container is carried, the chains angle the other way. This configuration is simple, easy to understand, and cheaper than the 2T Mobicon. 

Where the 2T Mobicon uses 21 hydraulic cylinders, the ECO-B uses only 8 hydraulic cylinders. Each corner has a load-sharing bogey and there are no grease points on the machine. 

The second model is the ECO Mobicon supplied with a top-spreader, either a fixed 20' or 40' or telescopic 20-40, which means the operator does not have to leave the cabin to connect and disconnect the container.

This top lifter will be faster and safer as no chains need to be connected, avoiding the need for the operator to bend over and manually handle chain-hooks. Mobicon uses the Swedish made ELME spreaders, as they are known for their quality and low maintenance.

The third model is an ECO with a top spreader that can stack one over one, and is expected to be well received in the market.

While the ECO-B model is being used in operations that have a relatively low turnover of containers and where simplicity is required, the ECOs with the top spreader are ideal for companies where speed is important, and yard conditions do not allow the operator to get out of the cabin. 

Mobicon supplies their mini straddle carriers to importers, exporters, manufacturers and third party logistics providers. 

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