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THE Mobicon, from Mobicon Systems , is a unique and innovative container handler that can lift all length freight containers on and off transport vehicles.

It is Australian designed and owned. It "straddles" over the container, lifts it and carries it to wherever the client wants it. The Mobicon consists of two separate towers that are normally coupled together when there is no container being carried.

When a container is picked up, the Mobicon drives over the container and the rear tower is connected to the container using twist-locks that fit into the corner castings of the container.

The two towers are then separated. The front tower drives to the front of the container, is connected to the front corner castings of the container. The container is then lifted, and driven away.

The Mobicon is a suitable tool for any company that handles between two and 30 containers per day.

The Mobicon reduces the costs of handling containers and improves labour efficiencies and productivity compared with traditional container handling techniques. It gives cost savings on heavy equipment purchases and maintenance. It reduces the cost of handling containers, and improves the efficiency.

In contrast to traditionally designed container handlers, the Mobicon has the flexibility to handle 16’, 20’, 40’, and even the largest 48’ containers. It can transport containers under awnings and industrial doors as low as 3.6m.

This allows containers to be brought inside close to the production line or storage area.

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