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Karl King Transport uses Mobicon Systems’ container handler

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Karl King Transport (KKT) operates from Ipswich which is closely located to UK's container port of Felixstowe and the gateway from Europe.

The KKT facility provides a real alternative to the traditional import and distribution processes provided by the major shipping lines in the UK.

KKT's goal of providing your distribution solution seeks to offer alternative strategies than those provided by receipting full box lots directly from the vessel.

According to Karl King, KKT were looking for a system to better manage on-site container handling and de-stuffing processes. KKT was previously loading from container ramps.

“The restricted working yard and receiving locations at their Ipswich operations centre was becoming congested and containers were unable to be de-stuffed in a timely manner. Trailers were required to be unhitched and left in the yard for de-stuffing at alternative times; hence more trailer assets were required to complete the freight task,”

Warehousing and receipting operations were also being disadvantaged by poor trailer locations in the yard.

Overtime, stress and extended working hours were also impacting on security, safety, product damage, demurrage and operating costs for Karl King Transport.

According to King, the load carrying capacity of the yard pavement was assessed and it was recognised that the pavement was unsuitable for the use of large fork lifts or the preferred reach stacker concepts in the UK.

The right choice for Karl King Transport was a Mobicon with its low axle weights and tighter manoeuvring ability.

“The Mobicon has improved efficiency and reduced costs by totally transforming the way we worked. This has allowed us to lay off a expensive night shift, as the work can now all be done in the day. Forklift wear has been reduced and we all feel that it has improved safety in our yard.” King said.

Benefits of a Mobicon for KKT:

  • Improved yard efficiency
  • Elimination of night shift
  • Improved yard safety
  • Significant reduction in container handling costs
  • Much lower operating costs than a forklift or reach-stacker
  • Ease and safety in operation
  • The ability to operate in tight and congested areas

The entrepreneurial Karl King immediately recognised a winning strategy and was confident to proceed with the acquisition of the First Mobicon in the UK.

The innovative Mobicon is a modern and flexible container handler that takes containers off the trailer and places them anywhere in the yard, under awnings and even inside buildings.

The Mobicon can bring containers inside your warehouse increasing goods security and safety. More importantly the Mobicon gives you the freedom to place the containers close to where the goods are stored.

Mobicon Systems ' container handlers are ideally suited for transport companies, importers and exporters and manufacturers that pack and unpack freight containers of any length. The Mobicon has low axle loadings.

Key benefits of the Mobicon:

Improve productivity:

The Mobicon will take your containers close to where you want them, even inside your warehouse. This saves travel time of your forklifts while unpacking or packing the container and the goods stay out of the weather.

Cut yard maintenance:

Carrying a 26 tonne container, the Mobicon has a wheel loading of only 6 tonnes. The Mobicon will not damage your yard. The Mobicon is ideal for working on gravel, bitumen and lightweight concrete.

A safer workplace:

The Mobicon allows you to place the container on the ground quickly and safely for packing and unpacking. The low centre of gravity gives the machine maximum stability.

  • 33 tonne lift capacity
  • Low height and narrow track
  • Light container handler

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