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Sale of Glass Bonding Type Colour TFT-LCD Modules For Industrial Use

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article image Sale of Glass Bonding Type Colour TFT-LCD Modules For Industrial Use

The new glass bonded colour TFT-LCD modules from Mitsubishi Electric Australia  will be available in 12.1-inch and 15-inch, the main sizes for industrial-use TFT-LCDs, in addition to its current line up. These glass bonded colour modules offer excellent visibility in outdoor applications, due not only to their high luminance but also to their low reflectivity in bright environments. 

“In recent years TFT-LCD modules have become widely used in various environments and applications, such as GPS navigation systems for vehicle and marine equipment, as well as outdoor-use information display terminals like POS, ATMs and Kiosks” said Stuart Baker, Senior Manager of the Visual Information Systems division, Mitsubishi Electric Australia. 

“Manufacturers of these products generally secure the surface of TFT-LCDs with anti-scratch and waterproof protective glass, which increases assembly time and quality concerns. As an alternative, there is increasing demand for glass bonded TFT-LCD products with protective glass already attached to the surface. There are, however, very few TFT-LCD manufacturers that sell glass bonded products, and Mitsubishi Electric is the only Japanese manufacturer that does so,” Baker said. 

The newly developed 12.1-inch XGA and 15.0-inch XGA glass bonded models are additions to its current line-up of glass bonded products: 9-inch WVGA, 12.1-inch WXGA and 14.1-inch WXGA. The 12.1-inch XGA model achieves brightness of 900 cd/m2 and the 15.0-inch XGA model achieves brightness of 1,500 cd/m2, offering excellent visibility in combination with their glass bonded surfaces.

By bonding 3-millimeter thick protective glass onto TFT-LCD module surfaces with resin, outside light reflection has been reduced by 90 percent1 compared to products combined with regular protective glass. This improvement helps achieve excellent visibility in outdoor environments due to low reflectivity in bright areas.

In addition, the protective glass is bonded onto the TFT-LCD modules within Mitsubishi Electric’s quality-managed factory. The high-quality glass bonded modules help customers simplify their assembly process and avoid quality concerns such as particle, dirt and other contaminants damaging the LCD during reassembly at customer production lines.

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