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The top three trends in HR practices

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Mitrefinch Australia , the provider of Workforce Management and Employee Time and Attendance solutions, lists out three big trends in HR practices being witnessed in 2014.

Big data

Australian decision makers are increasingly analysing various aspects of their own businesses through the use of big data to achieve operational savings. The ability to accurately manage performance and cost jobs is an extremely valuable strategic asset, as it allows the capacity and efficiency of departments and employees to be measured, enabling management to make swift decisions on production priorities. Mitrefinch Labour Costing functionality allows companies to track projects by hour, quantity or cost, compare planned jobs and budgets with actual jobs and budgets, and use this data to save money and improve budgets in the future.


Managers are constantly focussed on ways to maximise employee productivity in terms of output and aligning the skills and contribution of staff to elevate the business. In a recent report published on ABC, AMP Capital’s Dr Shane Oliver said that while Australia’s productivity growth has had a small growth of 1 to 2 per cent per annum this year, it is still below levels of the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Australia’s mining, oil and gas, energy, water, healthcare, transportation and other industries can boost productivity by harnessing the power of the data gathered by Workforce Management and Employee Time and Attendance.


A major trend in workplace practices of 2014 is the increasing opportunity for flexible work options such as the ability to work from home, mobile work apps and flexible working hours. Recent reports indicate that more than one third of employees would leave their current job if they found an employment offer with more flexible working conditions.

Human Resources professionals and decision makers looking to attract and retain top quality staff can facilitate flexibility in the workplace by allowing employees to clock in/out or on/off specific jobs from remote work sites, request leave, and review work information in real time.

Mitrefinch's mobile workforce applications improve workplace productivity by making it easier for supervisors and employees to complete a wide range of work related and administrative tasks from any location, at any time.

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