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Tardiness in the workplace: Addressing workforce time and attendance

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The workforce time and attendance software from Mitrefinch Australia is helping several organisations tackle the issue of tardiness among employees at the workplace.

Employees come up with strange excuses for being late to work. However amusing these excuses are, there is no excuse for how much tardiness can cost companies in terms of productivity and money.

Take for instance, a company with 400 employees around various locations in Australia. Even if just five per cent of the staff (20 employees) are always around 10 minutes late for work, at an average pay per hour of $25.00, the 10 minutes would cost $4.16. Calculated across 232 working days in the year, the total cost to the company for this tardiness would add up to $19,302.40.

No matter how successful the business is, few companies can afford to ignore that kind of loss every year. However, when management has the right information at their fingertips, they are well equipped to address late behaviour issues early enough; the business manager can also establish a pattern of behaviour and issue necessary warnings, as required by the Fair Work Commission.

Mitrefinch’s employee time and attendance software systems simplify the process of effective management of the workforce. In addition to monitoring when employees clock in and out, the system collects attendance information that can be analysed to find better ways to increase productivity, cut administration costs, reduce absenteeism and eliminate costly payroll errors.

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