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TMS Time and Attendance Software System by Mitrefinch

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Mitrefinch Australia  specialises in time and attendance software, access solutions and fire evacuation system for commercial as well as industrial facilities.  

Mitrefinch’s time and attendance software, TMS is much more than a clocking-in device to record attendance for employees. TMS is also a powerful tool for analysing and managing work time as well as associated costs.  

TMS time and attendance software can work with a range of clocking methods including terminals, web or mobile devices. Clocking in can be done at a terminal using a swipe card, proximity sensor or fingerprint.  

Apart from identifying time-rule violations, TMS software can record absence trends and build a yearly absence profile by employee, department, group or absence occurrence.  

TMS time and attendance software also assists employees and managers with requesting, planning and recording holiday dates.  

A key advantage is the facility to streamline data for multi-site use.  

TMS time and attendance software also supports payroll functions accurately by ensuring automatic capture and transfer of attendance data to the payroll system.  

Features of TMS time and attendance software: 

  • Fixed time and annualised hours for full-time or part-time employees
  • Working rules, work patterns and shifts can be defined where different production cycles apply
  • Integral diary facility option automatically populates Microsoft Outlook task manager, allowing users to book line managers for meetings with late-coming employees
  • Identifies time-rule violations and creates anomalies, which can be emailed or represented as a diagram or graph
  • Planner with multiple sort levels allows work patterns and shifts to be printed
  • Current and projected manpower planner
  • Full reporting and graphic module
  • Reports can be emailed as PDF files or exported as ASCII or .csv files into other applications
  • Task planning functions allows assigning the right employees at the right time for the right job
  • Report writing wizard helps create personalised reports

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