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Rostering and managing the contracted hours of staff in a cost-effective and fully-compliant fashion can be a complicated and time-consuming task, especially if you operate a flexi-time policy or on a rotating shift basis. Mitrefinch provide rostering and employee scheduling systems for commercial and industrial requirements

Time and attendance systems

Mitrefinch's Time and Attendance system, TMS, automates this workforce management task for you while:

  • Making sure the right staff are on hand to meet your project/job needs
  • Keeping your operating costs as low as possible
  • Ensuring you are compliant with employee legislation and OHS requirements

Staff scheduling for workforce management requirements

Ensure the right staff are on hand to meet your project/job demands. Mitrefinch TMS is fully-adaptable to your workforce management requirements: 

  • Schedule staff numbers to mirror forecasted orders or projects over a given period
  • Alternatively schedule staff ‘on-the-fly’ to meet emergency requirements
  • Easily match employees to vacant job positions
  • An “Auto Solver” uses to the constraints to create a short list of people who can work a job position
  • The user can drag and drop employees on to the jobs they want them to work

Keep labour costs as low as possible

  • Mitrefinch's Time and Attendance system, allows you to roster staff to fixed and flexible shifts according to predefined budgets. 
  • Any subsequent roster changes trigger a notification if the shift is in danger of exceeding your budget. 
  • Mitrefinch Rostering also integrates with Mitrefinch Job Costing to facilitate reporting against specific projects.

Ensuring you are compliant with employee legislation and OHS requirements

As staff can be assigned to shifts according to necessary skills/training, and contracted hours, the risk of error or non-compliance is removed.

  • User definable constraints can be used to control which employees can work which jobs e.g. An employee must have skill: First Aider or Fork Truck License Holder
  • Constraints can also be defined to enforce business rules such as an employee cannot work longer than X hours per week, month etc.
  • In addition, Mitrefinch Rostering facilitates your Fatigue Management planning

Secure in the knowledge that all this is taken care of, you can concentrate on the strategic and operational running of your business.

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