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Prime Laundry improve shift planning with Mitrefinch time and attendance systems

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Faced with inefficiencies as a result of manual time recording and payroll calculation practices, Perth commercial dry cleaning company Prime Laundry looked to time and attendance systems from Mitrefinch Australia to provide a centralised management system.

Prime Laundry selected Mitrefinch’s time and attendance systems after a review of the various employee time management systems available. One of their industry peers also recommended the system, after having one installed at their own site.

Prior to launching Mitrefinch time and attendance systems, the payroll department at Prime Laundry relied on a manual punch card timekeeping system. Supervisors would collect paper timecards and then payroll staff would enter the information.

Different pay rules had to be applied for the payment of different categories of workers, creating challenges in the consistent application of pay rules.

Prime also had some issues with buddy punching, whereby employees inaccurately entered time and labour data for each other. This in turn led to lower productivity levels and inaccuracies in payroll calculation.

When Prime Laundry staff now arrive for work, they clock in using a Mitrefinch biometric clocking terminal. This employee management system uses a finger scan device to identify employees, with verification achieved with a combination of swipe card or personal ID number.

This eliminates the possibility of buddy punching, ensuring management that they are getting work for the hours they are paying.

Mitrefinch time and attendance systems can also deal with Prime’s varying shifts.

CFO of Prime, Johnson E. Michael explains that “with staff on a variety of different contracts and shifts, it is crucial to have the ability to easily and accurately draw together all of the information required to run our payroll. Importing employee time data directly from TMS to Sybiz Visipay is now an automated process that takes only a couple of minutes”.

Managers can also run reports directly from the time management system, allowing Prime to efficiently monitor, plan, forecast and budget personnel resources with greater control, taking into account absentees, cost per employee and employee specific skill sets.

“We find the [Mitrefinch] system very easy to use, in addition reports such as clocked versus planned hours are easily generated,” Michael says.

He reports that since the recent adoption of Mitrefinch time and attendance systems, “Prime are already benefiting in terms of cost savings, improved data integrity and increased efficiency”.

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