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Overcoming mobile device 'cyber-slacking' and productivity

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It is an accepted fact that Australians are working longer hours and are often required to work on the go using their mobile devices. However, the jury is still out on whether longer working hours are having a positive impact on productivity.

According to recently published Australian Government Department of Communications data, a whopping 76 per cent of Australians own a smartphone. Mobile devices are increasingly being adopted and used in the workplace. However, all this extra time at work and connectivity do not necessarily make employees more productive.

International Data Corp statistics indicate that 30 to 40 per cent of internet use at work is not related to work. Cyber-slacking is increasingly prevalent at the workplace; a recent study revealed that socialising on Facebook occupied 41 per cent of cyber-slacking time, while 37 per cent used LinkedIn, and 25 per cent were shopping online.

Certain studies have however, suggested that the so-called slacking activities such as checking Facebook or watching a funny cat video can be a refreshing break, leaving the employee more focussed and ready to resume their work.

To boost productivity at the workplace, decision makers and management must have the right information at their fingertips so that accurate and informed decisions can be made quickly and appropriate action taken to boost productivity and eliminate issues before they become counter-productive.

The workforce time and attendance management system from Mitrefinch Australia not only monitors employees’ clocking in and out times, but also collects attendance information, which can be analysed to find better ways to increase productivity, cut administration costs, reduce absence, and eliminate costly payroll errors.

Mitrefinch’s time and attendance management system features absence management, data capture, award interpretation and budgeting & costing.

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