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Nestle Cuddington uses Mitrefinch Time and Attendance to Manage Annualised Hours

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Mitrefinch installed their Time and Attendance System (TMS) at Nestle Cuddington, a food and drink manufacturing facility that has 130+ employees on its rolls.

The time and attendance system was installed to meet multiple client objectives including managing annualised hours and flexi time, improving reporting, reducing administration costs and minimising overtime.

Nestlé is an international company responsible for producing many household brands within the food and drinks sector. Their Cuddington site manufactures many of Nestlé's dairy products including top brands such as Munch Bunch and Ski yoghurts.

Nestle Cuddington has been enjoying the benefits of an annualised hours system for nearly 10 years. Annualised hours were introduced at the facility to improve flexibility in production so that they were better equipped to deal with fluctuations throughout the year.

The plant employs 130 staff and currently 80 members, predominately production workers and engineers are on annualised hours.

Nestlé Cuddington maintains a defined bank of hours that each employee works throughout the year. Shift patterns are then drawn up taking into account seasonal peaks and troughs with an additional bank of 100 hours per employee.

Mitrefinch clocking terminals are used to capture all the data required to keep track of employee attendance and their annualised hours used to date.

The HR department also makes use of the reports within Mitrefinch TMS to easily check any exceptions to the standard clocking pattern of employees.

Key benefits derived by Nestle Cuddington from Mitrefinch TMS

  • Accurate budgeting for annual staffing costs
  • Reduction in administration costs
  • Eliminates costly unpredictable overtime
  • Banked hours are partly used for staff training programmes helping to increase the skills base within the factory or cover staff absences
  • Any hours not used within the year are written off and is seen as one of the staff benefits of working at the site
  • Improved staff attendance with greater security of annualised hours
  • Improved workforce morale
  • Allows staff to work flexibly at a fixed salary per month
  • Staff has advance knowledge of hours they will be working throughout the year

With Mitrefinch’s time and attendance system, Nestlé Cuddington has achieved a good balance between staff welfare and the operational objectives of the business.

Mitrefinch Australia  represents the organisation’s interests in Australia and offers time and attendance solutions, access control systems as well as fire protection systems for industrial and commercial clients

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