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Mitrefinch workforce management tools track casual workers on time, attendance and performance

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article image Mitrefinch workforce management tools help businesses manage their casual workforce

Mitrefinch Australia  offers workforce management tools to help businesses effectively manage staffing especially during the festive season.

The festive season brings with it increased pressure, especially for those working in Operations or HR, who face numerous scheduling and rostering challenges, while trying to manage multiple requests for annual leave in addition to a possible increase in unplanned absence by staff members.

The Pay office will also be engaged in calculating award entitlements, and allowing for the various public holidays and penalty rates, ensuring all workers get paid correctly, and in time.

Using different festive-related workforce scenarios, Mitrefinch explains how an effective Workforce Management System might provide a hassle-free run up to the holidays. 

Managing Casuals

Many organisations, particularly in Retail and Hospitality rely heavily on casuals to provide the extra manpower required to operate effectively over the holiday period. A casual workforce needs to be closely monitored to ensure they are serving their purpose.

For instance, if the casuals are consistently late, taking long breaks or failing to come into work, the business runs the risk of having to pay permanent employees or contract staff overtime to cover particular shifts, impacting productivity and profitability.

Within a Workforce Management System, time and attendance tracking provides supervisors with a real-time report on a casual worker’s working time. Additionally, when linked with project information or cost centres, supervisory staff can easily track how the casuals are performing against specific tasks so that any issue can be addressed before productivity is affected.

The system’s scheduling or rostering capabilities allows groups or pools of available workers to be created to help with scheduling multiple sites, departments or stores. Casuals or agency staff can nominate themselves as being available for work at certain times of the week, so that they can be rostered on accordingly by supervisors to assist with filling positions or vacant shifts.

A mobile messaging functionality in the workforce management system can send an automated SMS text message direct to the casual employee to inform them of their inclusion in a particular shift. Likewise, if a shift becomes available an SMS message can be sent out to the entire group to check their availability.

Mitrefinch offers a range of workforce management tools such as Employee Time and Attendance, Labour Tracking and Rostering to help businesses manage their casual workforce.

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